Freddi Jones Luxury Collection is a Bath and Body Company with its initial focus in creating some of the best moisturizers for your Bath & Body needs, featuring our most coveted Sheabody Melts and our Sheabody Whips.
We create some of the most decadent Vodka Infused Cocktail Body Scrubs and our Remixology Spraybody Mist is a favorite.
Our products are made with the finest ingredients, some organic and others naturally-derived and plant based. 
Freddi Jones Luxury Collection's wow factor is how we've been able to blend some of the most intoxicating fragrance creations  to evoke your deepest senses.
Our Velvet formula truly sets us apart from other skincare, bath & body brands because our Sheabody Melts & Whips wraps your skin luxuriously, leaving that velvety smooth feel after every use.
We are proud to be apart of the bath & body community bringing all the offerings that comes with a Luxury, Eco-Chic andBoutique brands.